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Welcome to Mattress Removal WA

Mattress Removal WA is a niche business concerned with the environmentally conscious pick-up and removal of old and unwanted mattresses.

We not only save you time and money but we also recycle them.

Additionally, with our parent company Junk Removal we can also deal with your unwanted furniture, white goods removal, rubbish removal, junk removal, e-waste, fridge removal and more.

The Mattress Removal Team

Our team of experienced staff have been working in mattress removal, junk and rubbish removal for over 15 years. We are experienced with all kinds of removal and any other unwanted items no longer required by residents and businesses.

Our Clients

We remove mattresses from everywhere! Hotel/motel industries, apartments, back-packing and hostels. We service nursing homes, bedding companies and general house-holders.

As some councils no longer allow mattresses to be collected from the council verge-side pick-up programs, we can remove them for you.

Mattress Removal WA is only a phone call 1300 233 999 (1300 BED ZZZ) or 0432 361 040 away or you can email us at